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One Life!

“Never confuse
having a career,
with having a life.”
Hillary Clinton


One Life Charity

We are trying to make a difference in the world whilst working. This is one of the core values of HR One Group.

We believe in supporting the people whose life is not a walk in the park. As such, we provide donations to the people who work hard behind the scenes of various noble foundations, societies and charity organisations. We care about their cause.

Our projects are fully voted for by our team members and are thoroughly debated and analysed before being taken on long-term.

Let us know if you have a project that is close to your heart.

One Life Community

At HR One Group we believe in sharing our network. One Life! is our bi-annual networking platform that unites people around topics that truly matter in life.

Because we interact with so many inspiring women and men, we are given the opportunity to connect business people, academics, scientific experts, professionals and entrepreneurs in science – technology – R&D – management & leadership. 

One Life! touches all aspects of career & life balance: health, science, network and business. One Life!'s value lies in truly making a difference in this world.


One Life Partners

Our network reaches industry experts, academia, university faculties, research centers, industry federations and many more.
We thank our trusted partners for the various events, trainings, conferences and interactions each and every year.

KU Leuven, ULB,
ERA EDTA, PharmaPack,
DARPHIN, June in the City
Faculty Club, 3HoogLeuven

One Life Café

Feel free to drop by for a coffee. Or call us to join us for lunch. Our open door policy is the ideal means to get to know you.

Whether you are young scientist, a medical student or a seasoned expert in Life Sciences, a busy MD, a fellow or business manager, we are eager to keep in touch.

As a follow up of our young MD Summit, students can come in and have their resumé checked. Some expert advice never hurt someone.


Become a member of One Life!

Want to join One Life!? Become part of a challenging community in which men and women in science, technology & business unite, share, and learn.

Sign up to be part of this networking community and we will keep you updated on upcoming events.

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